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This is what I am seeing:

Because I am trying to use Google Sites and it keeps !$%$@!! freezing up on me!!  I get this message:


That’s pretty small but it says “google.com is not responding due to a long-running script.”  I DO NOT  know what that means but it seems to translate to “you will not work on your project tonight!  HA!”

The learning ends with that tonight because I am frustrated when things don’t work out and I can’t seem to figure it out.  I will attack the problem tomorrow.


Project Webquest Update

Or, “Why I am glad my project isn’t turning out to be linear.”

I continue to work on my webquest and have chosen to compile my information onto Google Docs instead of Word.  This has resulted in me having to learn more about Google Docs.  I’ve been using sites like this one and doing a lot of reading and watching of tutorials, and playing around with trial and error.

I’m finding that recording and reporting my progress is a bit difficult for me because so much of my learning happens incidentally and, to me, feels more like just average “problem solving.”  For example, I have never used Google Docs.  For me to do that I had to do some research and some trial and error things to use it efficiently.  I learned how to use it, although not at any kind of professional level, but haven’t really considered that that would be playing a part in my Project, or nothing important enough to document.  But in the interested of keeping my learning completely transparent, it occurs to me that this is something I should mention.  Also, I am the kind of person who loves change, never teaches the same concept the same way twice, and am prone to changing my mind about lessons if a better idea happens to pop into my head.  This means that I love that my learning isn’t linear.  It is an ever-developing web of things that I need to discover and become proficient at.

I learn things every day.  I obsess about things and when my head can’t handle any more questions, I am a very self-directed learner.  I will search out the answer to the questions I have and since I have always been this way, I forget about sharing my learning.  It’s just so natural to me that it doesn’t seem like a ‘big deal.’

I will be tackling Google Sites later this week.  This gives me a whole new ‘thing’ to learn as a part of my Project.  I’ve also learned how to use Dropbox and have been enjoying the freedom to share documents and photos on one computer or my smartphone and being able to access them with another.  The fact that it is also available as an Android app makes it especially handy for me.

I am looking forward to seeing my project start to take a real “shape.”  I will report back soon.

Something to think about: