Digital Learning Portfolio ECMP 355

I have always been an innovator in education and enjoy the challenge and excitement that comes with using new kinds of technology and digital learning. In the Fall of 2011 I attended an ECMP355 class at the University of Regina, Computers in Education. It explored various kinds of applications for using computers and the internet in the classroom and as a means to build my Personal Learning Network. The following are examples of projects that I have completed during that class:

My Blog: A requirement of the class was to construct and be active in a blog. If you’re reading this, you’ve found it. . It is a compilation of tasks that were requirements of the class, my reflection and transparent presentation of the learning that occurred in a Learning Project that I chose to pursue, and a variety of thoughts and posts that are mostly education and learning related. It is an enjoyable and routine part of my thinking and communication around my learning and education and general.  I have also applied this knowledge to create a blog for a school’s School Community Council.

Google Docs: After a presentation by Michael Wacker, I created a form and collected and posted the data received.

Twitter: As part of growing a Personal Learning Network, we created and utilized Twitter. My account can be found at @TCrawford2011.

Digital Storytelling: Alan Levine presented his work on 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story and I utilized Smilebox to create the following project:

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
Create your own photo album - Powered by Smilebox
This photo album customized with Smilebox

I also used Zooburst as part of a Webquest that I created.

Video and multimedia: We were given a presentation on the effective use of video as a teaching tool and as a valuable assessment tool. Our assignment was to create a short movie during class time. Working with a partner, I created this one:

We also learned how to create effective, aesthetically pleasing slides using Picnik. When asked to answer the question, “What is Learning?” the one word answer I gave was “ACTIVE” and my slide contribution to the group was this one:

Gaming in Education: After a presentation by Sylvia Martinez where we learned how to choose and evaluate the effectiveness and quality of games to be used in learning, we critiqued gaming sites. The site I chose to assess was My feedback can be found HERE.

Learning Project: Our assignment was to “Learn something new” so I chose to research and develop a Webquest that could be implemented. This is a tool which I was not familiar with. I looked at samples and communicated with Bernie Dodge, the creator of the Webquest model. I also spent a great deal of time learning about the development of rubrics and assessment of this type of learning tool. I made good use of Google Docs, Google Sites, and other online tools. My progress can be followed under the Category of ‘Project Webquest’ on the right-hand side of my blog.  My completed webquest can be found HERE.

For a final evaluation/exam, we were asked to present a modified Pecha Kucha to our class.  We were to create and present 16 slides and had 15 seconds to narrate each slide.  More details and my slide presentation can be found in THIS POST.


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