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Always have a Plan B.

I sent the draft of my webquest to the teacher who I was going to be working with.  As I had suspected, it’s too challenging for a Grade Two classroom.  I was really excited with the prospect of working with my daughter’s class but as I have learned from Bernie Dodge’s material, webquests are generally most appropriate for the over Grade Three groups.  At this time, I am not going to change my project, but I am going to try to change my audience.  I will approach a Grade Four or Five teacher to see if they have kids who would benefit from this type of project.

I think when you are learning something new that it is important to seek feedback as you go along.  I’m glad I did because it reinforced my gut-feeling that I would have been presenting something that was not grade-appropriate.

I will wait to see if I have a new group of volunteers!

Here’s a clip that I am using for the introduction portion of my Webquest.  I was inspired to try Zooburst after our session with Alan Levine a few weeks ago.  It is best viewed in “Fullscreen mode.”


Digital Storytelling

Our Tech-Task this week was to create a digital story using one of a plethora of different online resources as presented by Alan Levine and his site 50+ 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story.  I chose to use the tool Smilebox to create my task.  I compiled my story from the holiday that we took as a family in June.  Because the kids were missing school, we decided to make an unofficial Flat Stanley-esque project based on the book Flat Stanley,  and Corey and McKenna made their own “Flats” to take with them on the adventure.  We documented their time with us and initially put the photos into a Powerpoint presentation that we made together that they could share with their classes when they returned.  I have to say, Smilebox is a lot more fun.  You get the option to share the story online for free or for a fee of $5.99/month or less if you sign up for longer periods, you get the option to print or save your creation to DVD.  There are also options and templates for invitations, scrapbooks, collages and all kinds of things, with lots of ways to personalize your project.

Here’s my attempt at digital storytelling:

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