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You did *what* today?

Dear Daughter,   I am writing this blog post cautiously because  you are 7 now but someday you may read it and be all like, “Mooooooooooooooooooom!  Did you *have* to blog about this?!? OH. EM. GEE.  You are *so* embarassing me!” 

But it’s a great story.  It demonstrates both your spirit and your independence and your refusal to follow norms.  It also shows what an amazing teacher you have right now, and I think both of you deserve this public shout-out.   So, here goes.  

I hope you realize how proud I am of you.

Love, Mom

Friday morning, my daughter got dressed:  thick black cable-knit tights, white tee-shirt under a very cute black and white sweater dress with a tie-belt (trust me, these are important details for the story).  She looked adorable as usual, and off to school she went.

Fast forward to 4:15 when we are discussing her school day.

Me:  So, how was the day?

Her:  Great!  The only thing was that I had to take *this* off for gym.  (She tugs at her belt on her sweater dress)

Me:  What do you mean?  Was your belt in the way?

Her:  No.  I was hot.  So I took it off.

Me: *blink blink*  You took your *whole* dress off in gym time?

Her:  Yes.  I.  Was. Hot. (Speaking as though I was not understanding the gravity of the gym-situation)

Me:  You know you aren’t wearing leggings today, right?  Those are tights?  Kind of like long-underwear?  You ran around in just your tights and your t-shirt?  (Secretly hoping that she actually had her shirt on – pleasepleasepleaseplease.)

Her:  Oh.  Well, whatever.  I was hot.

I sent the following email to her fabulous Grade Two teacher:

Sooooooooooo, My Daughter informed me that she got hot in gym today and stripped her dress off and ran around without it.  She thought she had leggings on. I will, in the future, discuss with her the difference between “leggings” and “tights.” So embarrassed. Me. Not her. 😉 Have a great weekend!

She sent me back the following email:

She didn’t miss a beat and nor did any of her classmates.  With fashion being the way it is today none of us thought anything about a sweet little girl going hard in a tank top and tights!!  Rock on!  I did have a little chuckle though when she went to the side-lines and was working up a sweat wriggling out of the outfit.  You just gotta love it.

And this is why they need  a shout out.  My daughter is independent, practical and yet the biggest dreamer I know.  And her teacher, Maureen Taylor, is the most caring, unflappable woman I could hope for to teach my daughter. All children should be so lucky to have experiences and educators like Mrs. Taylor.  Parents appreciate it so much.

After we get over the initial shock. 😉

Her Amazing Spirit


Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that I personally have many things to be thankful for.  I have a wonderful family, amazing kids, and a house that is indeed a home.  We will have an abundance of food on our table and there will be laughter and love.

I wish you the happiest of  Thanksgivings and, whether you celebrate or not,  I hope that you are surrounded by friends and family this long weekend.

~ Trina