Learning Curve Ahead. . . Drive Carefully!

As part of our ECMP355 class we need to complete a major project where the only theme, as far as I can tell is, “Learn something new.” Pretty big parameters. The other thing we need to do is to document our learning process and be transparent about how we’ve gone about this.

I spent a long time trying to decide what I’d like to learn. I have been toying with the idea of learning how to play the piano for years but the absence of a piano in my home makes that a bit problematic, so I chose to do a project based on my current life-initiative, which is to re-enter the field of education as an educator. I wanted a project that I could hopefully implement with a classroom of children and actually try out.

Through my seemingly random skimming of educational sites and blogs and such, somewhere I ran across the term “WebQuest” and had a very vague idea about what that was. My understanding from my first introduction was that it was kind of like a virtual scavenger hunt that you set up for students on the internet. I have found out through further research that that was not really the case, but that I was close. Ish.

I began my search with a basic Google search:

After a basic Wikipedia introduction, I started clicking links and adding information to my Diigo Library to refer back to later. I spent several hours looking at sample Webquests and gathering information about the requirements for a successful Webquest.

At this point, I realized that I might be getting ahead of myself if I wanted to actually implement and assess this project with an actual classroom, so I contacted the principal of W.F. Ready School to see if she would be open to me coming in to do this project with a group of students at her school. She was supportive but suggested that I contact the Superintendent to get permission to do so. After an email to him and a few days wait for a response, I was ready to continue. I had received permission. I will now be continuing my own “quest” to learn about the development, sharing and assessment of a Webquest.


4 responses to “Learning Curve Ahead. . . Drive Carefully!

  1. The name you’ll find often in this search is Bernie Dodge. He’s a professor at San Diego State and basically invented the webquest. I know Bernie a little and am sure he’d be happy to answer any questions or point you to any resources he thinks are worth exploring.

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