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Get to know your librarian!

While researching information about owls to include in my webquest, I realized that I kept clicking on the same links and wasn’t finding what I was looking for, even though I didn’t really know what I was looking for.  I just knew that I’d know what I needed when I found it.

While volunteering at my kids’ school’s Book Fair this week I had a good chance to chat with the librarian, Margaret.  I love libraries.  I love the smell of books and the feeling of holding them while I read them.   I love the roughness of the pages of old books and the thin, smooth feeling of new ones.  And I realized that I was standing in a place that, while being focused on my learning online, I had completely overlooked.  She pointed me to the section where I’d find the books about owls and I happily borrowed 3 books to get information from.  I have started to compile facts about owls onto a Word document and am starting to think about how I will ask the children to apply their learning.  I am leaning towards a booklet that they will use to record their learning but am not completely sure about that, yet.  I met with the teacher who I will be working with and we will chat again next week to talk about the progress that I am making and to start to formulate a timeline for me to implement this project with her students.

And while my project started with me learning how to build a webquest, it turns out that I am also learning a ton of things about owls that I didn’t know.  I’ve always liked owls.  My Grandparents had a Great Horned Owl in a huge pen in their yard when I was growing up.  “Oscar” was found by my dad, having fallen out of a nest and after a long time with no parent showing up.  Right or wrong, Dad “saved” the owl and brought it to his in-laws’ tree nursery where they built a huge wood and chicken-wire enclosure for him.  I remember visiting Oscar daily and feeding him raw liver.  No one ever got too close to Oscar, but we loved the idea of having a “zoo” in my Grandparents yard.

I am looking forward to learning more about owls as well as the process of developing the webquest.  My project seems to have evolved into a more diverse one!