About me/Contact me

About Me

I can be found here: trina.crawford@rbe.sk.ca

or here:  http://twitter.com/#!/TCrawford306




2 responses to “About me/Contact me

  1. Hello Trina,
    A good research on rubric. Thanks Mofizur

  2. Hello Trina,
    I am working on an essay for for my communications class. I love the words in “the quote from Albert Einstein”. As in any academic paper it is required to cite a source for a direct quote. I have searched high and low for the date and place Mr. Einstein said these words. It just is not out there. I can’t find it on the official site for Albert Einstein either. After further searching I think I found out why, it is probably a fabricated quote. I agree with the words, I just thought you may want to know Mr. Einstein did not say these words.

    Randy Oliver

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