At the risk of offending some Twitterites

I was recently “followed” by someone whose description said that he was a writer and an educator and a parent.  This is interesting to me, so I followed him back.  Instantly, I get a direct message from him saying, “Glad to meet you! Will you like me on Facebook, too?” with the link to his FB page.   It rubbed me the wrong way, kind of like meeting someone for the first time and have them say, “Glad to meet you! Can I borrow $20?”

So, he is clearly using a IFTTT – type application that automatically sends a DM when someone follows him, and that doesn’t bother me.  But it seemed awfully forward to send me a request to “Like” him anywhere when I haven’t even had a chance to read anything about him or by him to decide that I’ll continue to find him interesting enough to follow!

So, please, people.  If you want to publicize your FB page, blog, or whatever, that’s awesome.  I’m all over that and should do a better job of it myself.  But give me time to get to know you or your tweets or at least the time to check out your Twitter profile to look for links to your other ‘stuff.’

Maybe this makes me a snob.  I prefer ‘selective.’  I’m not about the quantity of people who I follow, it’s the quality.  And until I spend more time learning how to filter/group my twitter-feed, I will continue to be selective.  Tell me something I will learn from or laugh about or share with others.  I will try to do the same.


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