Okay, I’ll admit it

In my Twitter-world, a great group of educators who are part of the hashtag #saskedchat have created a blogging challenge for the summer.  The first challenge from last week was about “What’s holding you back?” and it’s taken me this whole week to try to verbalize why, exactly, I have so much trouble blogging my thoughts on educational topics.

Watch this 17 second clip.

That’s right.  Fear.  I am afraid.  Afraid that: #1.  I don’t sound “smart enough.”  Or, #2, worse, that my opinion is “wrong.”  Or, #3: that a colleague will think that the post is about them.

Let me address those things as if a student had said them to me:

1:  “You are smart.  Reasonably intelligent, educated and a life-long learner of your craft.  You got this.  Go for it!”

2.  “It’s an opinion.  There is no wrong.  Not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s okay!”

3.  “Keep it professional.  Anonymous.  Respectful. Besides, no one reads your blog. 🙂  ”

So I know that I should take more risks.

But still:

I think it takes a lot of courage to put your ideas out into the world to be read and criticized.  I am sometimes afraid to be challenged by the Incredibly Smart People.

I have been around education for quite a while and as we all do, I believe that what I do for the students in my classroom is always in their best interests.  I try to better myself and my craft through continued reading, learning and application of skills.  I think I need to put myself more out there in the blogging world.  When I look back to previous posts that I have written, I like what I read.

I think that’s what matters.

Find it.


2 responses to “Okay, I’ll admit it

  1. As usual, you have much to offer and great insight. We are all afraid, or at least those of us who are starting out and wandering through this at the moment. We also often feel like frauds but I’ve come to realize that even people like Seth Godin and Todd Henry, two writers I follow feel like that at times. It’s overcoming Fear. It’s not easy. Actually, sometimes it’s downright terrifying but I’m learning that we need to find our voice and share it with others. It’s important. What you have to say is important just as what each one of your students has to say is important.
    I am so excited to see so many people stand up and face Fear. Welcome to the #skblog15tribe – we are honoured you have stepped boldly forward and thank you for sharing with us as we wander at the edge of wonder!

    • Thank you, Kelly! These kinds of reflection help remind me how my students can feel when faced with a task that takes them out of their comfort zone. I wouldn’t let them stagnate there without a gentle nudge forward, so why would I expect anything less from myself. Looking forward to pushing ahead! I may just write that blog post about report cards that has been bubbling inside for a few weeks!

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