I am easily distracted.

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My students are treated to that little bit of information on a daily basis when we start talking about one thing in class and we get off on a tangent and just keep going.  And going.  And going.  And that’s okay with me.  My family is treated to this when I find a great home decor item in a store and suddenly a whole room is transformed.  And my spouse knows this about me because our storage room is filled with my past ‘distractions’: stained glass supplies, card-making materials, stamping bins, cake-making/decorating items.

I see something I am interested in and I jump in.  Which explains how I have come to have enrolled myself in #ETMOOC, a MOOC around educational technology and media.  Whenever I find something like this that I just *have* to do, I go through the initial excitement and enthusiasm and can’t wait to get started.  Now that I have received the  confirmation information and the schedule and the first ‘assignment,’ I will move onto the next part of my MO, panic and anxiety.

The second guessing has begun:  Will I have time to do this?  What if I suck at it?  What if I have nothing good to contribute?  I need to remind myself that this is an opportunity to learn through self-directed goals and activities.

I am looking forward, mostly, to watching  and learning from the big brains who are part of this activity.  I am  hoping to share a thing or two that I might know and I am really hoping that this makes me an educator even more comfortable with using technology with my students to encourage their engagement and quest for lifelong learning.

Let’s do this thing.


3 responses to “Confession:

  1. You’ll do fine. Actually when it comes to MOOC’s it’s hard to fail.

    Yours truly,

    Lifetime subscriber.

  2. Trina, week one is just about over. How did you fare? I like your “watching and learning from the big brains.” But, you know what, they wouldn’t be big brains, if there were no small brains around, right?

    I feel good after week one. Blog up, couple of posts posted, and a few comments in. Attended the more structured parts of the course, and now (finally) getting to some reading and commenting. What are you looking forward to in week two? I still want to get to Ibone Amorrortu’s Pearltrees ( and learn about it, so I can help do the gardening.


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