My dog could blog

Well, hello! It’s been forever since I have posted anything and I am thinking it’s time for me to get back to blogging. I remember the enthusiasm I had when I first started this blog…I had *too much* to say and loved the feeling of getting my thoughts out there…wherever that is. I think it is important for me to start writing again and now that I am on summer holidays, I hope to have a bit more time to do that.

But to address the title of this post:

Recently, I took my dog, a Goldendoodle named Darby, to stay with a friend while we were away for a bit. I’d like to share an email that Darby sent to me (True story, although I do suspect my friend, Tanis, helped her with the big words.) after being with my friends for a short twelve hours:

Hello humans!

Well, it is a good thing that I am over here with these other people – they are so strange!!!

First off, they have a cat living here. Umm hmmm. AND the other dog that lives here hasn’t done anything about it! Thank goodness I showed up! I chased that stoopid cat down into the basement.

Then, as I was feeling out of sorts, the humans here took me and the other dog Khaleesi to the park. I met a great dog named Charlie (a labradoodle) and we ran and ran. But when I jumped into the mud to show Charlie and Khaleesi how fun it was and then ran to the human to tell HER about it she screeched really loud, so I jumped on her because I thought she needed my assistance. I mean really! Why screech if nothing is wrong? I thought she was hurt. The other human laughed laughed. Then we left the park. When we all got home, the humans made me have a bath – which was okay. But I am really tired so I’m going to sleep in my kennel.

Good night and I’ll try to write more tomorrow. Drive safe!

Doggy kisses,
Your dog Darby

I think my dog could have a blog…she writes well, right?

Looking forward to sharing more, soon. I have been on a temporary teaching contract since Easter this year and really enjoyed the opportunity. I am pleased to say that I have accepted a full time teaching position for the fall and am looking forward to having a classroom of my own. I hope to have much to draw from to share on this blog.

Enjoy the summer, everyone!

Oh, Darby included the following picture. She’s a very tech savvy dog, I guess.



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