Learn from the Past

I’ve done some things in my past that I’m not particularly proud of but I don’t necessarily regret them.  For the record, they’re not heinous crimes or anything illegal.  I believe that everything that happens in our lives has the great potential to be a learning experience.  Even the things that hurt the most or that were the most embarrassing can leave indelible marks upon our heads and our hearts.  I was reminded of this when I came upon this clip today:

One of the great messages via The Lion King.

Great days, all!


2 responses to “Learn from the Past

  1. I absolutely agree, Trina. Remembering that everything is a learning experience, no matter how embarrassing or difficult it may be, is extremely important. Our past shapes us into who we are today and without difficult or embarrassing past experiences that we may want to forget, we would not be the people we are now. I have fully come to understand this concept in the past few months and I have learned to accept rather than regret some of the things in my past.

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