Webquest Rubric Development

A key part of a webquest is to include the tool that you would use to assess the learner’s progress.  I have decided to develop a rubric to include on mine.

I have used a variety of scaled assessment tools in my time as a teacher but since I have been away from the profession for a number of years I have never developed a rubric or had any professional development on doing so.  I started with some Googling, and specifically searched for rubric materials that were specific to Saskatchewan Education.  I came across this document and spent a fair amount of time reading it.

After reading it, I searched out a number of sample rubrics and based on those and what I read, I tailored one as best as I could, with my project in mind.  It took a long time!  I was actually surprised how long it took for me to finish it.   I tried to get the wording *just* right so that it was clear and detailed but not overwhelming.  I also included a section in my rubric for self-evaluation by the student.

My rubric can be found here.

I have forwarded it to the teacher who will share my webquest with her class for her feedback on its effectiveness.


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