Come to the Dark Side

I love kids. I love the energy, the enthusiasm, the gleeful innocence and hilarity that they bring.  And I have 2 kids of my own who I get to find joy with every day.

I also love the unpredictability.

While driving around town a while ago I turned to speak to my 6 year old daughter who was in the back seat.  This is what I saw:

Darth Kenna

Yes, that is Darth Vader wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt.  That girl cracks me right up.   Her brother must have left the mask  in the vehicle.   Add on that it’s a Darth Vader voice-changing mask and you can imagine how it sounded when she answered me.   I wonder what other drivers who passed us thought?


One response to “Come to the Dark Side

  1. thats so funny! reminds me of my little sister and cousins!

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