Video Fun!

This week’s Tech Task was to create a short video based on one of three different themes.  I worked with Colby K. and we chose to do a short video about her journey to becoming a teacher.  Taking the video was a bit challenging for us:  nervousness played into it, the locations that we chose were fairly noisy (and being unfamiliar with the Education building for me, didn’t help!) and on short notice, without time to plan, Colby was a bit hesitant to just “wing-it” in her speaking. 🙂  She did great!  I was a bit shaky with the camera, even though I did try to brace myself.

We took about 9 short video clips and we discarded 2 of them.  We put together a quick video using Windows Live Movie Maker and after sharing that with Colby for her to edit or change, I took a try at using some different tools like trimming and adding text.  I find it easier to poke around and learn things when I have time to just ‘play’ with them, so working on the additions was something I took time to do at home, in my own head-space.  Because of this, my video will be different than the one that Colby posts on her blog.

The transitions in our video are choppy because of our changes of locations and is something that I will definitely need to work at.  The volume isn’t great; Colby is a soft-spoken person and apparently my microphone on my digital camera wasn’t great, and the locations we chose were noisy.  Noted.  We also didn’t manage to stay within 60 seconds.  Whooops, also noted.

Without further ado, here is the video that I put together based on the first draft that we put together in class.

Becoming a Teacher.  Colby’s Story.


5 responses to “Video Fun!

  1. it turned out great!! it was great working with you!

  2. Great video. I like that you added the Intro and adding texts to the background shots, which presented a great way of developing Colby’s story. You must be familiar with working with Windows Live Movie Maker!

    • Thanks, Adam! Actually, I haven’t used Movie Maker before, but it was pretty easy to figure out once I had a chance to just try things out! I should have used the trimming function, but after I had saved it I had trouble trying to edit again!

  3. This is well done. I love the various scenes and settings. Colby does a nice job speaking naturally.

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