Learning is. . .

In our ECMP355 class this week we worked together to put together a slide show using Picnik.  After finding an image using Compfight, to ensure that Creative Commons were in place for it, we each put together a slide to finish the starter

Learning is. . . 

This was my contribution:

Using Picnik, you are given 20 seconds to talk about your slide before it automatically forwards to the next one.  I enjoyed the challenge of explaining my choice within that time constraint!  The points that I was able to make were that I feel that learning is active because it is an active process. For the best learning to occur, participants are engaged and active in their own success.  Learning is energetic and busy, interesting, creative and ever-changing, colourful, artistic, and individual.  And it can be unpredictable.

I really enjoyed seeing the slides that everyone put together in the presentation and hearing their thoughts!


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