And I don’t use that ‘phrase’ lightly, mostly because I find it grating on the nerves.

But it may or may not have been the thought that went through my mind when I received a reply to a Tweet I made this afternoon retweeting something that Jann Arden tweeted.  (That’s a lot of ‘tweets’ in one sentence.  There’s gotta be a less annoying way to explain.)

Jann.  Arden.  Replied.  To.  Me.

I.  Know.

OhEmGee, right?!

And I may or may not have been dorky enough to get a screen capture to prove it remember it.

I’m kind of a fan.

(Also a fan of Dropbox, which I learned how to use to share my photo and document files to and from my smartphone and other computers.)


4 responses to “OhEmGee

  1. Thats so awesome Trina. I also had a crazy experiance this week. A little while ago I blogged about a book I was reading for my ECS class. A couple of days ago some who works for the publishing company of the book commented on the post and thanked me for writing about their book. It is so crazy to me how small the internet can make this big world of ours.

    • That’s great, Dan! I think the thing that amazes me so much with Twitter and social media is that it makes people seem so much more accessible. I know for a fact that I’d never approach a celebrity to talk to them or send an email to comment to them, but I feel comfortable sending a Tweet because it seems like an ‘open invitation’ for dialogue. I’m so glad I gave it another shot!

  2. These are the stories that als illustrate that everyone wants to connect. I have expectations that I can connect with anyone. I’ve been amazed at how many people that I’ve perceived as “too busy” who have taken time to respond. Even if it’s a single tweet it demonstrates the desire everyone has to connect.

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