What I’ve learned in the last 10 days

I learned that life is fragile and family is the most important thing.

I learned that the nurses in the Cardiac Care Ward are special people who care deeply about the patients in their care as well as the worried families.

I learned that you *can* use your cell phone in a hospital, as long as you are at least 3 metres away from critical equipment.

I learned that some family members are at their best and some are at their worst in a crisis. I learned that when the family that is local and present is a small number, you will operate on less sleep than you thought possible.

I learned that if you park in the General Hospital parkade enough days in a row when one particular attendant is working, he will cut you slack when you owe for an hour but he doesn’t charge you.  Thanks, Parkade Attendant.

I learned that my Baba is one tough cookie and that we might be lucky to have her around for a bit longer.

Things I didn’t learn:  As much as I wanted to get done on my Learning Project.  But my life-lessons seemed so much more important.

Back on track this week.  Pity party, table for one?  Cancel that reservation.


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