Personal Learning Networks

Or “Passionate Learning Networks” if you are quoting Shelly Terrell, who we were fortunate to hear in our ECMP355 class this week.  Shelly gave an online presentation to our group using Elluminate and the hour or so that she spoke went by quickly and was filled with interesting information.

Developing a PLN is an important thing for me.  I love the idea of learning and sharing and being responsible for my own learning.  I love the process of seeking out professionals to read information and opinions and I find myself evaluating my beliefs and my basic philosophies around teaching, which I think is an awesome thing.

I look forward to using tools such as Twitter and blogs and websites to expand my PLN and also hope to motivate local educators to get on board, as well.  I crave professional dialogue and as a substitute teacher, I am not getting quite as much as I would like.

I want to be a leader in digital learning and empower others to incorporate it into their professional development and classroom activities.  Our “classroom” extends so far past the four actual walls of the room now.  Our opportunities and ability to learn and connect are limitless.

Bring.  It.  On.


2 responses to “Personal Learning Networks

  1. I love your enthusiasm! Bring it on! That is a great attitude to have about learning and I have found that great teachers are the ones who have this attitude and pass it on to their learners. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Yes Trina, you are totally right. Now time to connect and learn. We can not stop ourselves at one point. Information is waving, just connect and get it. If we need answer of anything, we have a lot of sources to get it. We need it to give a positive environment to our world and open the door to learn.
    Thanks a lot.
    Mofizur Rahman

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