I spoke with one of the Grade Two teachers at W.F. Ready School yesterday to see if she would be open to me sharing my project with her class and she was very enthusiastic about it!

She has used Webquests but has never developed one, but did share some good hints for some online searching I can look for.

I told her that ideally I’d like to present the task to the class at the end of October and asked her for a theme or book that she’d like me to build it around and she suggested “owls” so I will now be moving into giving more thought into that! That said, and I warned her, I could be completely delusional about how long this might take, never having done this before! I will adjust my timeline as my learning goes along!

Finally feels like I’m moving ahead but with that comes the virtual tsunami of ideas that my brain will develop. Wednesday’s class and the guest speaker, Google Master Michael Wacker , has me already trying to figure out how to use Google Forms and Sites to help!!  I am already feeling a little bit overwhelmed with everything, even though I’m not even sure what I’m doing, yet. Which is probably the problem. Time to get researching!


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