Naked in a Crowd

You know that dream?  The one where you find yourself in front of a bunch of people doing a presentation or at a party and you realize you’re naked?  If you haven’t had it, you’ve probably at least heard of it.

I realized yesterday that that’s a little bit like how I feel about blogging.  I only have a few blogs but found the nerve to post the URL on Twitter and a few minutes late I noticed that my instructor for my ECMP355 class, Dean Shareski had retweeted my post to several thousand of his followers.  I have to admit that I felt a bit nauseated.  Blogging has made me experience a new level of discomfort.  A lot of vulnerability.  Very open to judgment and criticism.  I think these are good things for me.  They are making me think things through thoroughly before hitting “Publish” and they are giving me a chance for a professional and personal audience that I haven’t ever had, opening dialogue with and inviting interaction with other people. I’ve never been a risk-taker. This is risky for me.

We were asked to start our blog as part of our ECMP355 class and all of my classmates and I have done so.  I want to know if I’m the only one who is feeling this way.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to talk and to engage and to discuss and to debate, so this is going to be really fun, I think.  I just wonder if you ever get comfortable – like REALLY comfortable – doing it.  If you have a minute, please answer this quick survey:


2 responses to “Naked in a Crowd

  1. how did you get this to embed on your site? I have my form but can’t seem to get it to be on my blog. thanks 😛

    • Hey, hi!

      When you’re on your form, look at the upper right corner. . . where it says “More Actions” click and drop down to “Embed.” It will give you a URL to copy. On your blog, if you make sure you’re in the HTML view you can paste the URL where you want it. I think that’s how I did it. . . there might be a shorter way. . . you might want to check with Hillary to see how she did it, she might have an easier way!

      Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the blog!

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