Things I Don’t Enjoy Teaching

I love teaching. It’s my passion and in my opinion there is nothing quite as satisfying as having children discover new materials and information, enriching their lives and helping build their knowledge and their characters.

There aren’t many things I don’t enjoy teaching but one of the topics that I struggle with teaching and that I discuss with a lump in my throat with the children in classrooms is the anniversary that we will recognize today.

On Friday my son’s teacher assigned them a writing assignment about Al-Queda and whether or not the students believed that they would strike again even though Bin Laden is no longer their leader. And it made me sad that we have to have these conversations with our students and our children and that this is the reality of the world we live in because even my 11 year old knows that we are not safe just because one man has been removed from the picture.  Sad.  Truly.

So I am posting this video here as a tribute in remembrance of that day a decade ago.  We will be inundated with information and images on the 10th anniversary of this horrible day and I want to share this amazing song by a very talented artist, Ryan Star.  Special thanks goes to my friends Beth and Lisa, over at Beat and Lyric for sharing this video with me.

Ryan Star, America


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