The Black Eyed Peas and a Rollercoaster

We all believed we were the ‘now’ generation. The generation that was more advanced, smarter, and cooler than the last.
That song up there? It speaks to me with some of the reasons that I am eager to be a connected teacher. We have become a connected society. This generation has information and socialization and entertainment almost instantaneously. We can get what we want, when we want it, providing we have the means and technology, and many of us are fortunate enough to do so. Things move fast and they’re getting faster!
I don’t just want to be along for the ride, learning technology and repeating exactly what I have learned. 
I want to be in the front seat of the technological rollercoaster in the classroom.  Experiencing the thrills and fun, and ups and downs, sitting in the front seat with my hands in the air, “woohoo!”-ing and gleefully experiencing all that digital learning has to offer.  And hopefully my enthusiasm will motivate and encourage others. 
I’ll have one ticket to ride, please.  Wanna come with?


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